When can i use/Redeem Taka Points I earned?

  • after 2 days from the day points earned can be used/Redeem….why 2 days? because to filter out fake orders/customers and to prevent misuse of our Taka Points system

How to buy with Taka Points you earned?

    • click “ADD TO CART" button on single product page
    • go to Cart page, already there will be points shown how much you can redeem on the current order, click “APPLY" your discount points will be applied automatically.
    • if you didnt clicked on Cart page, Checkout page will have this similar option, click “APPLY" your discount points will be applied automatically.

How to get your own referral code? which you can use to get 50tk by inviting another new user

  • Sign Up on Dakhm.com and get 20tk points
  • Share your coupon code under “Referral" tab with your friends/family, and get 50tk as 50 Points as your friends/family will get 50tk Discount when they use your coupon code to shop first time at Dakhm.com.
  • Earn more points by completing actions under “Earn" tab, buying products from Dakhm.com, sharing your coupon code with new users and make them buy from Dakhm.com.
  • 190 Points required to cash out with bKash. To bKash points to Taka please contact http://www.dakhm.com/contact/
  • 1 Point = 1 Taka
  • Cash out to bkash is allowed upto 60% of total Taka Points, per, 45 days. for example: you have 650 Taka Points, you can cash out 390tk in bkash per 45 days.
  • Transfer Points by claiming coupon codes, under “Claim" tab and share that code with friends/family.
  • Where to paste any coupon/referral code?
  • 1 Account is valid for 1 individual person only, it is NOT permissible to have more than 1 account of 1 individual person, if found unfair means of collecting points/taka from multiple accounts – points and account will be banned.
  • Dakhm’s decision is final, and can take legal actions against any type of point fraud
  • points mentioned to be earned is directly proportional to the Taka spend

How can i redeem/collect Taka Points by buying products?

  • You will get points depending on how much Taka you spend.
  • Points mentioned on single product page “Earn 8** points upon purchasing this product." can be redeemed only after completing the order after delivery of that product OR after 2 days from purchase – whichever duration is greater.
  • You will see points will be automatically added to “Redeemable points"
  • You can only use “Redeemable points" for buying products or bKash cash out.

Terms and Condtions to get 100+ Taka Points you earned from your order

  • Customers need to give reviews of the order on facebook to get 100+ Taka Points they earned from the order(s)


To get 20 taka points on every 100 tk spent on Dakhm.com, if your earned taka points exceeds 100 taka points from a single order:
To get FULL earned taka points after order is marked “Complete",
customers MUST provide review of the product publicly in fb and send us link
of that review in our fb inbox,
we will review the fb post and release rest of points.

*above process is NOT applicable if you earned less than 100 taka points in a single order, we will automatically add total taka points in your account

for example:

1) if total taka points you will earned from an order is 120, that is 100+ taka points, if you don’t follow “100+ TAKA POINTS REVIEW PROCESS", you will get no more than 100 taka points

2) if total taka points you will earned from an order is 95, that is less than 100 taka points – 95 taka points will be automatically added to your account

How to review?
We will appreciate a big detailed review, but at least we prefer customers should write some good lines about Dakhm.com with the products pictures they received.

*we do not encourage customers to use discounts/coupons/points, Taka Points are for promotional purpose only, in future earning Taka Points will be much harder and scope will be limited to minimize our loss as much as possible.

*rules can change anytime without notice

*dakhm.com reserves right to delete/add Taka Points account/Taka Points/user account/Order/Product/Stock any time without notice if found fraudulent/does not go with our rules/inactive accounts. Dakhm.com is NOT bound to answer any questions regarding any functions/activities on the website.

We maintain strict rules regarding Taka Points, Coupons, Discount – illegal use outside our terms and conditions will not work, we track both manually and automatically with our software, over-smart people have no chance 😉

visit to know more about terms and conditions